We have a small block of Roussanne on Keermont, only 0.7 hectares. Our new vintage of Terrasse 2017 has small amounts of both Roussanne and Marsanne included for the first time and it’s proving super popular. We purposefully kept the Companion Rousanne 2017 in bottle for a longer time. We only have 600 bottles!

Alex’s thoughts “This is a crazy wine! It will be something you have never tasted before. Definitely a good wine for winter and the antithesis of a light fruity ‘lunchtime’ wine. It’s deep golden yellow in colour and has a bouquet of vanilla, lime and marzipan which jumps out of the glass. The palate is rich, round and full with dense ripe fruit and a lovely play between the intrinsic waxiness (often found in Rhône whites) and texture, which was created by a bit of skin contact at the start of fermentation. The strong character lingers on the palate for ages with notes of lime marmalade, tropical fruit, spice and butterscotch. As the wine spent a year in one large new French oak barrel, we have bottle-aged it in order to allow all of this flavour to integrate. Not for the faint-hearted!”


Alc: 14%
pH: 3.74
TA: 4.1g/L
RS: 1.8g/L
TSO2: 50mg/L
VA: 0.62g/L